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Eagle Fleet Solutions is a new innovative fleet management

Optimize your vehicle fleet

Our units are built with high technology and high quality components; we make use of the latest GPS and GSM/GPS modules. Our vehicle tracking services helps companies and organizations to manage and optimize their vehicle fleet, including cars, van, buses and trucks.

Monitor in REAL-TIME

It allows your  clients to track their fleet and monitor the usage in REAL-TIME from anywhere in the country through the internet via our web application interface, thereby knowing your fleet exact location. Vehicle location and status can also be viewed on a mobile device, sms immobilization is also possible. Some of the devices features are also as follows sent out detailed vehicle reports which include the following: 

Vehicle position

GPS Tracking online REAL TIME

Over Idle reports

Vehicle speed

Ignition status

SMS tracking REAL TIME

Internal backup battery

Time Management

Dispatch and efficiency have been some of the key factors influencing organizations to implement effective fleet
management. Our fleet management services include
online employee vehicle booking.

The employee is able to go online and check the
availability of cars, and can be booked if available.

This removes the need for old paper booking and allows
your reception/odmin staff to easily see whether you have availability or not.

Your employee’s data in a structured system, the
employees list is often one of the best valued resources in on organization, and you want this data accessible and


  • Minimize your vehicle load

  • Employees data in structured system

  • Open 24/7 to receive employees booking

  • Online administration

Geo-Fencing Alarm

As our client, you will be able to create your own safety and danger zone using Eagle Fleet Solutions.
It allows you as the client to know when your fleet enters or exits your area of  importance,
it also alert you if your vehicle is leaving or entering your home area.

Movement Alarm

Once your vehicle is moved without your permission.

Speed Alarm

Once your vehicle is moved without your permission.

Ace Detection

To view engine idle report on line.

Trip route report and vehicle location history play back.

Virtual odometer report

Route execution daily report

Driver Authentication (iButton)

The iBUTTON allows you to identify each and every driver, and able you to study their driving behavior when driving.

  • Address only

  • Memory

  • Real-time clock

  • Secure

  • Data loggers


The Bio GSM unit is fitted with a relay for control of a vehicles ignition, the power button of a machine or an electronic locking device.

The Bio GSM unit will require the driver or  operator to scan their allocated finger for verification on the fingerprint sensor.

This fingerprint template will have been previously sent to the intended unit. If the scan is authorized the driver/operator will be allowed to start the vehicle or machinery.

This electronic transaction is stored with a time and date stamp and is sent via GSM to the control room for reporting.

Product Highlights

User Verification

Duress Print  – Emergencies

DAN (Driver Alert Notification)

The DAN is an important feature that is designed to confirm that the driver driving the vehicle, or operator operating the machinery, is still the same person that was verified on the BIO GSM at start-up. Failure to scan when prompted will result in a “failed to clock” signal being sent to the control room.

Multipurpose Speed limit

The speed limiter uses its own in-built GPS receiver to monitor speed.

The maximum speed limit is pre-programmed  into the ECU(Electronic control unit)

GPS speed is true speed.
At 5% below speed limit the speed limiter will
sound an intermittent alarm to alert the driver. When the vehicle reaches speed, the alarm will sound continuously and engine power will be reduced to prevent further acceleration.


Our system lets you know when your
vehicle disc is about to expire.

Customized fleet management software

Our customized fleet management
software helps our clients to monitor their fleet and create more efficient vehicle routes.

Features of the software

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Fast time to benefit

  • Fixed or dynamic routine

  • Capability

  • Real time visibility

  • Fast and simple communication

  • Compatibility

  • Advanced reporting

Vehicle Inspection

Our vehicle inspection is almost necessary to ensure that your business remains operational and your rigs are always running smoothly.

Unforeseen maintenance can arise at any time and if it goes unnoticed, this can result in larger issues.

However, conducting daily maintenance while using a paper-based system may not only increase costs but will also take longer to complete. The benefits of streamlining your inspection using Eagle Fleet vehicle inspection are almost countless.

Conduct vehicle inspections anywhere

Eagle Fleet allows you to carry and conduct vehicle inspections anywhere. The platform is even easily accessible. Instead of spending time looking for misplaced inspection forms, you can easily access your digital inspections through the mobile platform.

Never lose track of drivers and vehicles

Our digital inspection system allow inspectors to flag issues immediately. This makes it easy for you to take immediate action and fix any issues to get your vehicle back on the road. This is especially useful for unforeseen maintenance issues that regularly arise.

Out fleet maintenance solutions may be what you need to make sure business operations run as smooth as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if digital inspections are right for you.